Examination and treatment will continue safely as before. We are deemed healthcare and have PPE and additional measures in place to provide our services in safety.

On arrival if you can remain in your car (preferable) or stand waiting outside the front door if you parked elsewhere, we will wave you in when ready so no need to call doorbell etc.

Please bring a mask with you.

We will not be using our waiting room or sharing your experience with our other patients.

We will be seeing one person at a time, straight into our treatment room.

We can expect to have our “light” PPE on so we can examine your mouth and take any necessary radiographs and diagnosis and hand scale.

Should treatment be indicated following your examination then a further appointment will be scheduled for this.

If you have been experiencing symptoms of COVID -19, or are self-isolating due to a family member being diagnosed, or have tested positive with a formal test then please contact us prior to attending your visit. If you are in any doubt please speak to one of our team as soon as possible.