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toothAll you have to do is let us know what you don’t like about your smile and send us a few photos – easy as that!

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This could include such problems such as: Gaps from missing teeth, crooked teeth, wanting to improve the colour, broken teeth, dentures etc. the more information the more it will help us advise.

If you can, please upload some photographs of your teeth. This is helpful for Reg in understanding your problems and in advising you further. Before you take your photographs please refer to our helpful guide below.

'Send us your smile' Guide

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We message you from reg@bite4life.co.uk so please ensure you add us to your contacts to find our reply in your inbox. Please note that although we aim to advise you, we cannot guarantee that we can prescribe specific treatment or provide an accurate quotation on treatment you require until a physical examination of your teeth and gum health has been carried out.